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Things to do😀

This is your home and you are free to live the life you choose. 

There are no set visiting hours and your family and friends are free to come and go as they please [Please note: Covid 19 visiting restrictions are currently in place in line with NPHET guidance]


There are fun activities seven days per week provided by Patrick, Caroline and Alvarro 🎨🎈🎻 (There is no activities charge). 

Every birthday is an excuse for a party with a freshly baked cake (thanks to our lovely chefs) 🍰. The summer BBQ and festive parties throughout the year are also a chance to celebrate with friends and family!!💕💕

visitors room.jpg

Welcome your guests in the visitors room (above)

Mervue choir .jpg
rabbit 5.jpg

Residents also enjoy day trips, most recently to Bridget's Garden and Knock and we welcome entertainers, musicians and even the occasional rabbit to visit!!😀

Residents' Committee 

There are regularly scheduled residents' meeting where your suggestions are listened to and acted upon.

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